Free osteopathic care for those most in need

Free osteopathic care for those most in need

June 22nd is World Osteopathy Day 2017 and the European School of Osteopathy is marking that date by highlighting its Helping Hands community scheme, which provides free osteopathic care for those most in need.  The scheme is delivered through the ESO Clinic on Tonbridge Road, Maidstone; the Clinic undertakes over 20,000 treatments each year, and is a thriving centre for high level osteopathic care and teaching

Claudia Knox, the ESO’s Head of Clinical Services, explains why the Helping Hands scheme is so important:

“Part of the School’s overall commitment is to ensuring osteopathy is available to the whole community and we subsidise all our treatment fees to keep costs as low as possible.  However, we recognise that not everyone is in a position to pay for the healthcare they need and this is where the Helping Hands scheme comes in.” 

The scheme is open to all residents in the Maidstone borough, who need care but may not be able to afford osteopathic treatment.  There are 20 places available, with each patient receiving up to 6 free sessions including an initial thorough consultation.

Maybe you, or someone you know, could benefit? The Clinic is now taking applications and would like to hear from you. Please call 01622 685989 or email and you will be sent a short form to complete and return. Each application is dealt with directly and in the strictest confidence. If you would like to find out more about the ESO Clinic visit their website or facebook/ESOClinic.