Why osteopathy and why the ESO?

We asked ESO students and tutors why they chose osteopathy, their experience of the UK osteopathy degree course and about practice life

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Yr 4 student, Nagma, changed career and travelled from Italy to study Osteopathy at the ESO

Yr 3 student, Claire, talks about choosing Osteopathy as a mature student

Yr 1 student, Lene, is from Germany. She explains why she chose to study Osteopathy in the UK

Yr 1 student, Lily, chose the ESO for its broad curriculum – which includes cranial and visceral approaches

Yr 1 student, Imaan, was looking for a small university feel with a big community

Yr 2 student, Spencer, was a personal trainer before choosing to study Osteopathy

Syxtine tells us why she chose to study osteopathy in the UK and what life is like as a Year 1 ESO student

Year 2 student Agathe explains why osteopathy was the natural choice for her and what she loves about the ESO

Year 3 student Quentin was drawn to osteopathy because of its holistic approach to health

George and Daniel tell us their plans for practice life and what they thought of studying at the ESO

Robert Thomas is an Osteopath and ESO Clinic Tutor. He also acts as the ESO’s Clinic Ambassador

Helena Bridge is an Osteopath, ESO Clinic Tutor and Lecturer specialising in Headaches & Migraine

Claudia Knox specialises in Maternity care, Babies & Children – she tells us what she loves about being an osteopath

ESO Lecturer & Clinic Tutor Michael Pye explains why he chose to become an osteopath