Accommodation to suit you

The ESO attracts applicants from all over the world and from all walks of life, each with their own accommodation requirements

There is a range of affordable housing in Maidstone – from shared houses to individual apartments and family homes. Many students opt to share houses with other ESO students in and around the town.

To support students, the ESO has a dedicated staff member, who from early summer produces a comprehensive list of available housing and rental agencies, which is updated throughout the summer. The accommodation list can be viewed online via the ESO’s virtual learning environment (the Learning Zone). The Learning Zone is accessible to students once they have accepted their offer. In addition, students are invited to a closed Facebook Group managed by student ambassadors. Many students find house mates and accommodation through this group.

Please note that properties are not managed or vetted by the ESO and we strongly recommend viewing to ensure suitability; many of the local landlords are known to us and we are happy to offer advice should you need it.

New Starter Picnic

In mid to late July, the ESO hosts a summer get-together for new starters at Boxley House – this enables students to meet and get to know each other face-to-face. There are quite a few properties available to let by that time and students are encouraged to view some of them together after the event (from around 2.00 pm).  Student Ambassadors are also on hand, as well as members of the Admissions Team who can help with any queries about starting on the course.