Gift Vouchers

Gift your loved ones a valuable healthcare experience.

Our gift vouchers can be used as payment for an osteopathic consultation or treatment at the Clinic.

A voucher entitles the holder to an osteopathic treatment or consultation.

They come in a silver envelope, ready to be sent as a gift and can be purchased from the Clinic reception.

New gift voucher

Gift vouchers are available in a range of values to suit your budget.

Value recommendations, based on appointment prices:

£29 – New Patients and Reconsultation
£22 – Continuing Daytime Appointment
£25 – Continuing Evening Appointment
£21 – New Patients (Children and Maternity/Post Natal)
£16 – Continuing Daytime (Children and Maternity/Post Natal)
£21 – New Patient Blue Light Concessions
£16 – Continuing Appointment, Blue Light Concessions

Recipients of gift vouchers can book an appointment by calling 01622 685 989

Please note, our gift vouchers are valid for one year from their issue date and are non-refundable.