Osteomap – 6 week course for chronic pain

Have you been experiencing persistent musculo-skeletal pain for over 6 months? The ESO Clinic is offering a 6-week programme combining osteopathic treatment with mindfulness-based exercises. OsteoMAP aims to give patients a better understanding of their pain so they can return to a more flexible, fulfilling way to live life. The course will take place on […]

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A warm welcome to all our new students

Congratulations to all those who joined the ESO this September. We’re delighted to say the School’s reputation for high quality osteopathic education continues to attract applicants from across the world and we have 13 nationalities represented in this year’s Year 1 intake alone. Following a formal welcome and registration, a Freshers Fair provided a chance […]

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Balance & Stability Classes at Boxley

For anyone recovering from Stroke, or Parkinson’s patients, or those with a history of falls, that are keen to attend an exercise class with a strong focus on their balance, please pass on your details and notice of interest via our Rehabilitation email: rehabilitation@eso.ac.uk. This class would be suitable for people who have attended an […]

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Our Gala Celebrations

On July 13th, we held a Gala Dinner to celebrate 40 years at 104 Tonbridge Road and unveiled exciting development plans for the Clinic site; preparing the ESO for the next 40 years of osteopathic education and our students for their future status as Allied Health Professionals. Joining us were current and former staff, faculty […]

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Graduation Day 2019

July 11th was a special day in the School’s calendar as we celebrated the achievements of  the ESO Class of 2019. Graduation is the culmination of years of intense study and hard work for our students and marks the start of what should be a long and successful professional career. We were delighted to share […]

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Supporting osteopathic research – ‘CUTIES’

UPDATE An ESO based training event was held on 25th September 2019 – further dates will be scheduled should there be sufficient interest. If you would be amenable to attending a training session at the ESO please contact Dawn Carnes directly (d.carnes@qmul.ac.uk). … The ESO’s Research & Professional Development team is pleased to be collaborating […]

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Parkinson’s Research

Would you like to contribute to Parkinson’s research? If you are aged 50-85 years old – healthy or with Parkinson’s – then you could take part in this joint research study. The ESO is collaborating with the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Kent, studying the effect of physical activity and its role in […]

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Animal Osteopathy – NEW Stage I course this July & August

We are delighted to announce new dates for our Animal Osteopathy Stage I courses.  These weekday courses will be delivered in a new consolidated format over the following dates:- July: Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th August: Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th, Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th As equine and canine pathways will run concurrently, […]

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