Children's Clinic

Children’s Clinic times

Tuesday Morning (AM)
Wednesday Afternoon (PM)


New Patient £20
Returning Patient £15

First appointment:  1hr 20mins / Continuing appointments: 40mins. For a consultation please call 01622 685989

Our specialist Children’s Clinic offers reduced price osteopathic care as a permanent concession to any child from new born up to the age of 16, as well as those in full time education from 16 – 18. All concessionary rates are valid for daytime appointments only.

Infants and Babies

Babies’ skeletons are softer than an adult’s and gentler techniques, such as cranial osteopathy, are used when treating babies.  Such gentle manipulation can also help soothe and relax your baby.  Techniques will be tailored to your child’s’ needs and everything will be fully explained throughout.  We have a very good student to tutor ratio and your child will often be treated by a final year student and tutor together, enriching the treatment process.

Older Children

Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development and we will assess your child to see what might help.

In older children, problems might arise though excessive computer use, hunching over a laptop, or through carrying heavy bags to and from school. Some children may suffer with minor sports injuries. We can help to reduce those injuries and aim to develop strategies with your child to help prevent them from recurring.  Most children enjoy treatment and a growing awareness for their health educates them early to look after themselves.

Child Protection Policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure that throughout the ESO, children are treated with respect and are protected from abuse and exploitation. As an organisation, we understand and take seriously our duty of care to protect the children with whom we work. Therefore, the ESO has clearly defined procedures, a code of conduct and an open culture of support. To download a copy of our Child Protection Policy guide in PDF format, please refer to our Policies page.