How we support our students

The ESO prides itself on its friendly, supportive, yet professional atmosphere

All our staff are approachable and are happy to help with daily problems that students may encounter. Nevertheless, we recognise that occasionally there are problems that require a little extra help and support and our welfare team is here to help. Collectively they can draw on a wide range of qualifications and life skills. No matter what’s troubling you – whether you are homesick, struggling with your studies, finances or simply need someone to talk to, a member of the team will be able to provide support and guidance. Our Student Welfare Officer, can be contacted by emailing


If you have any specific needs arising from disabilities, please mention this, as early as possible, to the Admissions Team. The Student Welfare Officer will then contact you to discuss your specific needs so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Learning Support

In addition to the Student Welfare Officer, each student has an allocated Personal Tutor. He or she will be aware of student problems, and where possible, provide immediate solutions.


The ESO leads the students through the process of finding suitable accommodation. We realise that this can be a concern, particularly for those leaving home for the first time or for those coming on the course from abroad. If you have any anxieties in this respect, then talk to a member of the Admissions Team – if we can help we will. For further information on accommodation, please click here