Extend your practice – Diploma in Animal Osteopathy starts October 2017

Extend your practice – Diploma in Animal Osteopathy starts October 2017


New Diploma Course starts October 2017

This exciting new programme is designed for those who have already undertaken training in animal osteopathy and are able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of basic osteopathic assessment and treatment (including gait analysis, articulation, soft tissue and stretching).

Delivered over 5 months, our Diploma course provides hours of hands-on practical with live animal models. It is intended to enhance participants’ knowledge of functional anatomy, neurology (and neurological testing) and pathology; orthopaedics (with associated osteopathic testing) and integrated thinking. This course will teach students how to evaluate their clinical findings, test appropriately and treat with advanced techniques, such as Balanced Tissue Tension/fascia, toggles and low velocity thrusts.

The course is open to Osteopaths with existing animal qualifications and all ESO Foundation Course attendees.  Other animal manual therapists and osteopaths with experience but no formal qualifications may apply, subject to prior learning review and interview.

Canine pathway: October 28, December 2 2017, January 6, February 10 and March 17 2018

Equine pathway: October 29, December 3 2017, January 7, February 11 and March 18 2018

Choose one 5-day pathway (Canine or Equine) for £999 / attend both for £1,998 (flexible payment option available)
Limited Early Bird Discounts – Book by 1st August 2017


How to Apply

An overview is available by clicking on the image (left).  For more information or for a Diploma in Animal Osteopathy Application Form, please complete our contact form or call 01622 760816.


* Please note: if you are not an osteopath, you may not use the term ‘osteopath’ or any such variation when advertising yourself in the UK; on that basis, manual therapists will be awarded a Diploma in Animal Manual Therapy and may use terms such as ‘manual therapy’ or ‘body work’ when describing techniques taught on this course. All animal treatment requires prior consent from the animal’s vet and practitioners must work within their scope of practice – for further information please refer to the ESO website. Due to higher running costs, all ESO animal courses are subject to sufficient delegate bookings.