Student Clubs & Associations

Helping students make the most of their time at the ESO

ESO Student Association

The role of the Student Association (ESOSA) is to organise social events and help make the student experience at the ESO enjoyable. They aim to provide some much needed relief to a busy course and create opportunities for students of all years (especially new ones) to meet and have fun.

Over the years, the ESOSA have introduced a range of activities including a cinema club, games nights and quizes and the infamous Boxley Mud Run.  They also organise and play host to fellow osteopathic students who visit each year to compete in the Inter Collegiate Sports Day, usually co-sponsored by the Osteopathic Sports Care Association and Institute of Osteopathy.

Boxley House has its own temporary bar, which is run by the ESOSA for events throughout the term, from the Fresher’s and Halloween parties to the Christmas Revue.  ESOSA members are also on hand to welcome students visiting from our international partner schools.

Student-led activities

There are informal student-led groups and social activities taking place throughout the year, which help bring our student community together. These include the weekly ESO Climbing Club, weekend trips and surfing breaks.

Boxley House has plenty of space and students are welcome to talk to us about reserving a room or scheduling a regular class; we often have qualified fitness instructors join the course, who offer classes in yoga, pilates, etc, and the student rooms have been ideal for boxing and martial arts practice, meditation – even salsa!

Class Representatives

At the start of each year, students are invited to elect 2 of their fellow classmates to act as representatives.  The Class Reps’ main role is to facilitate communication between students and staff, providing channels for student feedback and offering support to individuals or groups of students where necessary. Reps are involved in the decision-making processes through membership of various committees. Working with the co-operation of the School’s faculty, staff and management, the aim is to continually improve the student experience at the ESO and make the four years of study as fulfilling and memorable as possible. As well as representing the student view, Class Reps are aware of the support mechanisms available at the School, so that they can help students in the first instance.

Barefoot Club

The Barefoot Club is an independent student society, which exists to invite graduated osteopaths and other experts of their field to share their experiences, insights and inspiration. The Barefoot Club was set up by students in 2011, to host talks or workshops on a variety of topics towards developing students’ personal and professional perspectives. Events are open to staff and students from all years; since 2021, online events have been opened up to students of other osteopathic schools and to recent graduates.

If you would like more information about the Club, or if you would like to offer your expertise as a speaker, please following this link.