OsteoMAP – New Course Starts 31st January 2023

OsteoMAP – New Course Starts 31st January 2023

Our six-week course for those with chronic musculoskeletal pain

Have you been experiencing persistent musculo-skeletal pain for over six months?

If so, the ESO Clinic could help, through our six-week programme combining osteopathic treatment with mindfulness-based exercises. OsteoMAP aims to give patients a better understanding of their pain so they can return to a more flexible, fulfilling way to live life.

The course will take place on Tuesday afternoons.  A qualified osteopath will provide each one-hour consultation on a 1:1 basis, observed via video link by 6-8 student practitioners and their tutor.  Those looking to take part will firstly be invited to attend a meeting to consider whether this type of course might be helpful.

Starts Tuesday 31st January 2023

You can find more information about OsteoMAP by clicking on this link.

For individual enquiries please email Osteopaths and ESO Clinic Tutors Louise James (louisejames@bcnogroup.ac.uk) or call the ESO Clinic on 01622 685 989.

Cost per session is £32.

“I did the osteoMAP at the beginning of the year and it was well worth doing. During the six week programme I learnt on how to deal with my pain mentally and with changing the way I did things. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone that has long standing pain issues. You do forget that anyone is watching or listening so nothing to worry about.”

JT, ESO Clinic patient