Osteopath training at the ESO

Clinical Osteopath Training

You’ll gain hands on experience in our established teaching clinic, treating patients of all ages

As part of our 4-year Master of Osteopathy degree programme, the ESO teaching clinic provides a well-established, specialised training environment where students interact with patients, registered osteopaths, clinical administrative staff and fellow osteopathic practitioners.

Students spend over 1,000 hours in clinic during their osteopathic training, experiencing around fifty new patient interactions; around 19,000 consultations are provided by ESO students each year, under the supervision of experienced, practising osteopaths. Students initially observe in clinic in Year 1, progress to more ‘hands-on’ experience in Year 2 before advancing to managing their own patient list in Years 3 and 4. In the third and fourth year students are allocated to a tutor for a set period, usually six weeks at a time; this rotation gives students the opportunity to work with a range of osteopathic practitioners, enabling them to draw on the breadth of experience on offer; the Clinic maintains a low tutor student ratio of around 1:6/7.  The ESO Clinic also runs an MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound Clinic, which students are able to refer patients to.

Our Clinical Integration theme ties all the skills and knowledge students have learnt together, translating problem-based classroom learning into an authentic clinical teaching and learning environment. This allows students to hone their professional, diagnostic, and clinical and treatment skills in real time with genuine patients. You can find more information about the M.Ost’s four academic themes on our Programme Information page.

ESO students experience all aspects of osteopathic clinical life prior to graduation without the need for external work placements and within a supported educational environment with professional experts on hand for guidance. Year 4 students enhance their clinic time by not only attending general practice sessions but gaining regular hands-on experience in the School’s specialist Maternity and Children’s clinics.