Postgraduate Weekend with Richard Twining – 18th/19th May

Postgraduate Weekend with Richard Twining – 18th/19th May

The World Heath Organisation recognises the Osteopathic 5-Model Concept as making a unique contribution to health care. One of the models, the respiratory/circulatory (or fluid) model, is often under-represented in UK formal osteopathic education, despite being important to much of A.T. Stills’s teaching and writing and being an effective treatment approach to tissue dysfunction. Fluids comprise some 60-65% of the body and they are essential to the understanding of tensegrity biomechanics. Taking many forms – blood, lymph, extracellular, intracellular, digestive, serous and CSF – they are moved by a number of mechanisms, which need to be understood for effective treatment.

This highly practical post-graduate weekend will explore the importance of the concepts, main restriction points, and the effectiveness of fluid based approaches and techniques. As the bulk of fluids are in the visceral system, some knowledge of visceral osteopathy would be an advantage but not essential.

Richard Twining is always a popular speaker so we recommend early booking to avoid disappointment. To reserve your place contact our Postgraduate Events team on 01622 760816/, or for online booking please click here.

“Really learnt a lot and feel very inspired – thank you”     

“Could see the benefits of the techniques instantly”   

“Awesome course – best CPD I’ve been on”     

“Excellent all round!”