MRI Scans – Priority access for ESO patients

MRI Scans – Priority access for ESO patients

The ESO Clinic is working with KIMS Hospital to provide priority access and reduced fees* for our patients

This preferential service means an MRI appointment can be arranged within a week of referral, with results returned in just 2 working days. Plus, as a Maidstone based provider with good transport links and free on-site parking, the KIMS Hospital location provides maximum convenience for our patients.

As well as being a benefit for patients and clinicians, our students also gain from an educational viewpoint – Year 4 students are able to visit the hospital to see a scan in action and talk to specialists about the procedure. Feedback from students has been extremely positive,

“KIMS was an amazing experience. The facilities they have are really impressive and the equipment is awesome. The medical imaging department was fantastic and they made me part of the group, integrating with them. This allowed me to observe and interact with their patients, an experience that showed me another perspective and will enable me to prepare my own patients for what to expect when referred there.”

Referrals for MRI appointments can be made by tutors at the ESO Clinic – for an osteopathic consultation please call the Clinic on 01622 685989.


*A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan uses magnetic fields and radio waves to form images of the body. The technique is widely used in hospitals for medical diagnosis, staging of disease and for follow-up without exposure to ionizing radiation. *ESO Clinic referrals are provided at the discretion of osteopathic tutors only. Scan fees depend on the number of body parts being scanned – the ESO Clinic referral price for one part is £350 (usually £420).