More good news for ESO Ultrasound Research

More good news for ESO Ultrasound Research

ESO graduate Katie Johnston has been invited to enter the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) competition for the award of best paper in the Ultrasound journal by a postgraduate student.  This follows an article published in Ultrasound relating to her undergraduate research work: Temporomandibular joint effusion and its relationship with perceived disability assessed using musculoskeletal ultrasound and a patient-reported disability index.

Lance Bird, ESO Medical Imaging Lecturer comments “This, as regards ultrasound research, is the icing on the cake whether we win it or no. It means that a tiny, evidenced based  MSKUS unit, in a small osteopathic clinic, is producing internationally peer reviewed work that is driven by the Osteopathic undergrad students themselves (backed by Phil [Bright] and myself).”

Congratulations to all involved and good luck with the competition!



Katie Johnson was awarded the British Medical Ultrasound Society’s Postgraduate Journal Prize for the best article published in Ultrasound in 2015 by a postgraduate student.  Many congratulations to Katie on this achievement.