Helping Hands – Free osteopathic care for those most in need

Helping Hands – Free osteopathic care for those most in need

To mark ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ and in line with the ESO’s charitable aims, this February we relaunched our ‘Helping Hands Scheme’. Helping Hands recognises the fact people may be in pain but not have the means or the motivation to seek help. A maximum of 20 places available, with a course of up to six osteopathic sessions free of charge; these are offered on a case by case basis and cannot be guaranteed*.

Those enquiring about the Helping Hands scheme should indicate:-

  • how long they have been experiencing pain
  • any known cause (for example a difficult pregnancy or injury)
  • personal circumstances that may qualify them for the Helping Hands scheme; for example the applicant may be taking a break from employment to care for young children, or elderly relatives, they may have ongoing health issues and be considering osteopathy for the first time, or perhaps they or their partner have experienced redundancy
  • a telephone number or email address – it is usual for Mr Thomas to contact applicants individually

Under normal circumstances, we would not expect current or previous ESO Clinic patients to apply. Although we would not ask for formal evidence of income, we would hope our charity status would be respected when deciding whether to submit an application.

Closing date for applications: Friday 29 May 2020

Applications should be sent to or in writing to:

Mr Robert Thomas
ESO Clinic
104 Tonbridge Road
Kent ME16 8SL

* Treatment will only be offered where considered appropriate following an 80 minute initial consultation. As part of their professional code, Osteopaths have an obligation to refer patients to other health professionals when osteopathic treatment is not deemed suitable or where further investigations may be required.