The Barefoot Club

An independent student society, which exists to invite graduated osteopaths and other experts of their fields to share their experiences, insights and inspiration

About the Barefoot Club

The Barefoot Club was set up by students in 2011, to host evening talks or weekend workshops on a variety of topics towards developing our personal and professional perspectives. These are open to staff and students from all years.

Our events are currently offered in three formats:

  • The Barefoot Talk: an informal exchange of experiences, usually on a weekday evening (up to 2 hours, no lecture material or pre-arranged content needed)
  • The Barefoot Lecture: extra-curricular or additional lectures offered by ESO staff and other speakers, please communicate in advance the subjects you would like to cover (two hours to full day, weekday evenings or weekends)
  • The Barefoot Workshop: like a Barefoot lecture with a stronger component of student participation and practical elements (mostly full day, weekend events)

All terms are negotiable.

Previous speakers at workshops and talks have included Renzo Molinari, Stuart Korth, Sue Turner, and Gez Lamb; each has made a great contribution to our learning and also our inspiration on this, at times, emotionally and physically challenging course.

We take a small fee from those students attending, in order to cover the lecturer’s travel costs and, depending on the duration of the workshop, their food or accommodation. Whatever funds are left go towards the development of the Club and future lectures.

The Club is run by students on a wholly voluntary basis.

To many inspiring gatherings in the future,
Your Barefoot Club


Future events

We are always happy to hear from professionals interested in sharing their expertise. Please complete the form below and a member of the Barefoot team will be in touch.

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