Syxtine, Year 4 Student Ambassador

Syxtine, Year 4 Student Ambassador

Hello. My name is Syxtine and I am 21 years old. I am from France

Why did you choose to study at the ESO?

I chose to study Osteopathy having been treated by a French osteopath who brought me back to sports after a bad injury. More specifically, I moved to England and the ESO because of its professionalism. At the European School of Osteopathy, we are lucky to be taught over 4 years, rather than 5 years in France, and we grow and develop into the profession within the school’s own clinic, where we get our own patients in 3rd and 4th Year. I also enjoy being close to nature and close to the city, so you can divide time equally between study and going out. I think that we are lucky to have such a beautiful atmosphere.

Did you have any specific concerns before joining the ESO?

I briefly considered studying in France but, as I love travelling, I needed to get an international degree in order for me to help people around the world. I was a bit worried about finding accommodation and my way of getting to school, as I wasn’t 18 yet. It was actually easy for me to find a flat, thanks to the accommodation list the school puts online to help us, and after a few calls and visits I moved to my room in September.

To go to school, I chose to get a bike because it was the easiest way and plus it is free! Whenever it is raining or too cold to cycle, you can pop a message on the ESO group chat, and someone will offer you a ride.

What do you enjoy most about studying at the ESO?

I really like that we can grow on our own during our years in clinic but that we still have this “protection” before getting into the real world. We have our own patients and we can treat them according to our own thinking and theory processes and so get results from our own treatments. Also, a key factor of why I am studying at the ESO is the atmosphere. There is a study team available if we want or need help and the teachers are always there to give us feedback and advice. Plus the nature surrounding us is, to me, lovely.

What is the student life like at the ESO?

At the ESO, we have different opportunities to meet and get to know each other through parties and socials organised by the Student Association, who are raising funds for their graduation ball. The Year 1 party is designed for the first years to integrate themselves and to discover a bit more about student life. Later on we have the Halloween, the Christmas and many other parties, mostly post-exam and pre-holidays.  We can also join associations such as the climbing club, the yoga team or even the surfing group, all set up for fun and laughter and to relax in nature.

What are your aspirations once you’ve graduated?

I hope to get my Master’s Degree in Osteopathy and travel around the world, starting in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. I would love to continue my studies and maybe specialise in Sports Therapy or perhaps Paediatric Care. Once I graduate, I hope to get more practised and gain more confidence and learn more through taught post-graduate courses.

If you could sum up your time at the ESO to date, what would you say?

I would just say that it is the best decision I’ve made, because I am starting to build my life for what I am inspired to become.