Student Testimonials


A Brown (Class of 2015)

“I’m in Melbourne now after graduating in July.  I found it super easy to get a job before I even got here, and employers are so impressed at the level of technical skill I’ve been able to demonstrate; they can’t believe how much experience we get with children and cranial at the ESO, and the clinical hours we do. As new grads we have such a huge advantage over people from other colleges in the UK and the world.  I genuinely think the ESO is the best place to study osteopathy and that’s before even factoring in the wonderful people who studied with me, or the great staff that make it such a lovely place to be for four years. Studying at the ESO means never having to go through anything alone, it’s such a wonderful atmosphere that gets fostered there.”


G Ash (Class of 2015)

“It was really nice to meet lots of other osteopaths from New Zaland, Australia and other UK schools when I attended a cranial course; the biggest thing that stood out to me and other ESO graduates was how lucky we were to have gone to the ESO. Many people said they wished they’d trained there, or how appealing it was when looking for associates. Most of the other osteos had not yet learnt any functional techniques, so we felt most privileged! It is also amazing how, despite being on the other side of the world, we have met lots of ESOers who all have the same wonderful connection!”


National Student Survey, 2014

“A school with a heart, very good support from both faculty and management”


N Mikič (2nd Year ESO student)

“I chose the European School of Osteopathy for three main reasons. Firstly, being a student from abroad it was important for me to study in a school with many international students and support for any potential language difficulties. Secondly, I fell in love with the location and the atmosphere of the school. Situated in the middle of grassland and woods, with a view of the horses and rabbits jumping in the surrounding fields it is difficult not be relaxed. Finally, probably the most important factor is the worldwide reputation ESO holds. This opens a lot of doors for ESO graduates when they start their new careers. Teachers, tutors and other staff members are very friendly and helpful and are always approachable when you need their support.  I definitely recommend the ESO to anyone who wants to study osteopathy in England.”


S Millington (Class of 2014)

“I initially chose to change careers from office work as a personal assistant to osteopathy because I wanted a profession where I would be able to work for myself as well as be challenged every day. As a mature student (30) I was concerned about fitting in, but age was irrelevant and we all worked together as a team to achieve our goals. The broad range of techniques taught at the ESO gave me the confidence to start my working career being able to welcome patients of all ages for treatment, from tiny newborns to the very elderly. I now find it so rewarding being able to apply what I have learned to help steer my patient’s bodies out of a painful state. I can’t imagine doing anything else now, I love my job!”


R Willoughby (Class of 2013)

“When I left the ESO, I decided to specialise in care of women, during and after pregnancy. I have studied extensively in the field of women’s health over the past 18 months and now help mothers on a daily basis, to overcome the challenges of pregnancy and birth. Osteopathy certainly is a life long learning process and one I enjoy every day.”


E Andrews (Class of 2012)

“My working week consists of treating animals, humans of all ages and lecturing, all thanks to the ESO.  I found the quality of training to be amazing and the environment to be caring and supportive.   The strong practical and theoretical grounding I gained in osteopathy at the ESO has greatly eased my transition to Animal Osteopathy, meaning that I now have the opportunity to live my passion and no day is ever the same.”


P Horobin (Class of 2010)

“The teaching clinic was the most rewarding aspect of the programme for me as the mentoring offered by experienced tutors, each with different clinical skillsets, enabled me to develop as a student. My training at the ESO gave me the solid foundation upon which my osteopathy is based.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the ESO and would recommend the course to anyone considering a career in Osteopathy.”


K Lovell (Class of 2011)

“The reason I chose the ESO was due to the welcoming reception I received from the school along with the outstanding scenery. The ESO is a lovely place to study with a warm atmosphere, plenty of support and a small but sociable network, with a wide variety of students. The teaching clinic is situated in Maidstone town with easy access routes with brilliant tutors with a small tutor /student ratio which is beneficial for the learning process. The course can be intense and very hard work but I would definitely recommend the school as a place of study!”


A Norman (Class of 2011)

“I did a 3 year degree in Biomedical science prior to starting at the ESO. Despite loving the degree, the hospital work it led into was not for me. I wanted to have an occupation that involved working with and helping people. My main reason for choosing the ESO was the setting. I have never really liked the chaos of London so the ESO ‘s idyllic setting suited me. I was also attracted by the wide undergraduate curriculum where cranial, visceral and structural were all offered at the undergraduate level. The school and staff were welcoming and helpful from the start of the degree and the mix of students has meant I have made friends with people from all over the world. My time at the ESO has been enjoyable despite it being a hard full-time course but definitely have not regretted my choice”


C Hartwell-Bell (1st Year ESO)

“When I first started looking into continuing my education for Osteopathic Medicine, I knew that I wanted a school that focused on manual therapy and treating patients as a whole person, not as a disorder/ diagnosis. My research led me to the European School of Osteopathy and after doing more investigation, I was pleased to see that ESO is widely recognized and have a very good record in osteopathic training. I decided to apply to ESO due largely in part to the course curriculum, which is more advanced than other universities and the school’s environment. The European School of Osteopathy is multicultural. As an international student, I like studying and working with people who are different than me. ESO’s faculty and staff are very kind and friendly and are willing to assist the student in any way possible. The lecturers are keen on student progress and if you have a question the lecturers are willing to help you understand concepts and theories outside of class time. As a first year student at ESO, you have the opportunity to observe in the clinic setting in which you see your coursework brought to life as well as observing how to actively assess and listen to patients.”