The student view – Yr3 student Chrissy talks about her experience of the ESO

The student view – Yr3 student Chrissy talks about her experience of the ESO

Chrissy is an ESO student, about to enter her final year. She shares her thoughts on the school, animal osteopathy and adapting to remote learning as part of the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown

When did you decide to study Osteopathy?

After finishing secondary school I was a bit lost and unsure which subjects I wanted to focus on at university. After trying out several degrees, with varying rates of success and a growing lack of self-belief, I started osteopathy and truly found what I loved doing. I am now in my third year and getting high marks across the board, which has boosted my confidence. I believe anyone can achieve a master’s degree if they find what they’re truly passionate about.

What made you choose the ESO?

Being a competitive rider for most of my life, I wanted to do a postgrad in Equine Osteopathy for sure. The ESO gave the possibility to combine an equine osteopathy course with their full-time programme, which gave me the opportunity to get two qualifications in the same amount of time*. I have already obtained my Equine osteopathy diploma, which gives me more time to develop my skills before going into full-time practice.

What do you enjoy about studying at the ESO?

I love love loveeee the international feel about school. You meet so many different people from all over the world, it really opens up your perspective on so many levels. The general mentality is that everyone helps each other out each in their own way, which is rare if you have experienced other universities.

How are you adjusting to studying from home in the current climate?

Even in these difficult times the school has done everything to keep us as much informed as possible and keep our learning up to date through online teaching. Lecturers and clinic tutors have been very engaging as we can’t see patients at the moment. Nonetheless, I quite enjoy being able to attend morning lectures in my pyjamas and fluffy slippers.

Any advice you’d give to patients who can’t attend clinic at the moment? 

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can! Go on those extra walks you didn’t have time for before, start that project you were postponing, write letters to those that are dear to you and together we’ll be back stronger than before.


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Final year students (starting from the end of year 3) and graduates may apply. Please visit the Animal Courses page for more information.