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Raise Your Game: Reduce Injury and Improve Performance at the ESO Sports Injury Clinic

Osteopathy has increasingly been playing an important role in the medical teams for many sports clubs and associations. Not only this, but more and more sports people are consulting osteopaths to aid performance, help with injury prevention and as part of rehabilitation after suffering an injury. An osteopath will use a wide range of techniques in the treatment of sports injuries with the ability to treat many varied conditions.

The ESO Sports Injury clinic offers a comprehensive service to aid all types of sport individuals and their recovery from injury. Fourth year student practitioners carry out the treatments under the close supervision of a highly qualified osteopath with extensive experience in the field of sports medicine. As well as this, we have the facility to directly refer to our onsite Musculo-skeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound Clinic headed by our Consultant Imaging Specialist if needed to further aid our diagnosis and treatment plan.

What Can Osteopathy Treat?

Osteopathy can help many problems suffered by both amateur and professional sports people. Examples of these include:

    • Muscle strain
    • Ligament injury
    • Tendonitis
    • Back pain
    • Knee and hip injuries
    • Ankle & foot injuries
    • Shoulder and elbow injuries
    • Wrist injuries (common complaint from tennis players)
    • General reduction in flexibility and movement


Rehabilitation is a vital element of the ESO Sports Injury Clinic. Recovery time obviously depends on the nature and severity of the injury and the structures affected, be it bone, muscle, ligament or tendon. Often, keen athletes return to their chosen sport far too early, with the potential risk of further more serious injury. Osteopathic treatment and professional advice will help ensure a controlled and measured return to fitness thus reducing these risks.

Rehabilitation continues with the possible use of strapping and the prescription of stretching and resistance exercises, according to the nature of the injury. Part of the overall management includes relaxation techniques, and advice on contrast bathing (hot and cold), anti-inflammatory drugs, nutrition, and the motivation to regain full fitness. Communication with a coach or team manager is encouraged throughout the recovery period.

Why Choose the ESO Clinic?

The ESO Clinic has been providing osteopathic treatment for over 35 years with consistently high quality of clinical care well known across the area. Students, under supervision of experienced tutors, carry out over 20,000 treatments a year, which bears testimony to this. We have 26 treatment rooms, a large free car park and can offer same day appointments.

As a registered charity and teaching clinic, the ESO clinic offers very competitive pricing for treatments. With its long history in Maidstone, the ESO has made many contacts and relationships with some sports clubs and institutions leading to a further discount. Please ask at reception when booking your appointment.

Clinic Team

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