SAT Courses – November 2019

We have been contacted by Cliff Conway about a further SAT course he and Gez Lamb are presenting; many will remember Gez as a senior lecturer at the ESO and, being the birthplace of SAT in Europe, we felt it appropriate to share details with you:-


Dear Alumni members

Gez Lamb will be running another SAT course  this coming November 2019 at Kendal, in the Lake District, along with his ‘Fields and Levels’ course.

Last November 2018 we ran a very successful SAT course with 12 attendees, in collaboration with Alison Salter (an enthusiastic SAT patient from Inverness). Read her story on the website for the centre at

As a result of the interest from some osteopaths on that SAT course in coming on board, we have now launched the first SAT Centre in the UK in Inverness this May 2019. Alison is the Centre Manager and both Gez and I are very enthused and involved in the project. We hope this will be one of many centres across the UK and Europe in the future. This will both ensure and perpetuate the legacy of the late Tom Dummer. So, there are opportunities for interested persons who attend the course and have a future vision for themselves, their practices or becoming involved in future projects.

The format this year will be different to last. Last years attendees expressed interest in Gez also presenting his ‘Fields and Levels’ seminar. This is both an extension and an enhancement to the brief introduction Gez taught at the ESO. So, two courses will now run over a four day weekend this coming November. Attendees are invited to sit on one course or the other – or BOTH if they so wish.

The ‘Fields and Levels’ course will run on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November – the SAT course will run on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th November 2019. Both courses are 16 hours CPD each (32 hours for both) and £200 for each course ie £400 for both.

Please e-mail me if you require further course details at
Or ring me on 07776 120 255



Cliff Conway and Gez Lamb