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The Research Department is the central focus for undergraduate and institutional research activity at the ESO; responsibilities include coordinating and facilitating student research as well as implementing institutional research projects and, through liaison with other academic departments, developing research awareness within the School.The undergraduate research curriculum aims to promote strong research-mindedness from an early stage in the MOst programme of study. A research dissertation is a fundamental requirement for graduation. The Research Department actively encourages the dissemination of research findings, by providing hands-on support for alumni or faculty members wishing to present or publish their research, and through awarding a prize at graduation for the most publishable undergraduate project. In addition, the Research Department assists the teaching faculty in researching their disciplines and with the general provision of related published research in the field of manual therapy.


The ESO’s research rationale is influenced by a strong commitment to the National Council of Osteopathic Research (NCOR), and to supporting its endeavours directed towards increasing research awareness within the osteopathic profession.


The Research Department adopts an approach to high quality research that is efficient, effective, goal-oriented, and team-driven, serving to strengthen the offering to students, patients and the reputation and credibility of the profession in the long term.


ESO Research Department Mission Statement

To nurture and develop research awareness and activity at the ESO with a view to supporting and informing the teaching and practice of osteopathy