Quentin, Year 4 Student Ambassador

Quentin, Year 4 Student Ambassador

Hi, I’m Quentin. I’m 28 years old and in my final year. I’m French

Why did you choose to study at the ESO?

The ESO was appealing to me compared to other schools in London mainly because of its location, in a site of natural beauty, the cosmopolitan environment created by all the different nationalities and the possibility of joining an undergraduate animal osteopathy course. I ended up not doing it for financial reasons, but I was able to discuss with colleagues who did it and this was interesting too.

Did you have any specific concerns before joining the ESO?

I arrived in Maidstone four days before the start of the course, by bus with one piece of luggage. I had no car so I was planning on walking to school, which I did for over two years and kept doing occasionally even in my final year despite me having a motorbike then. I managed to sort out my accommodation just before I arrived using one of the lists sent by the school, so this was really convenient.

What have you enjoyed most about studying at the ESO?

I’ve enjoyed having students from many different nationalities and backgrounds around me. I always found this enriching. Also the proximity of nature was a really calming environment that allowed me to relax when I needed to.

What are your aspirations once you’ve graduated?

One thing I’ve learned during my time at the ESO is that this course opens the door to an infinity of post graduate courses that I find fascinating, such as specialising in working with babies or pregnant women, but also other healthcare courses that are now available to me. I wish to keep learning to further develop my skills, so I’m always on top of  my patient’s well-being.

If you could sum up your time at the ESO, what would you say?

“The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask” – Jeff Johnson. The “best journeys” does not mean it will be easy, but instead it is a journey that will transform you the most. The course is hard, like every other masters degree, but you’ll get more out than you could have imagined at the start. In this way, your experience at the ESO promises to be a life changing journey that will teach you lessons you will carry with you for the rest of your life, wherever your path leads you.