During their first and second years on the programme, ESO students have the chance to attend prosection at Kings College London (Guys Campus), to help support their anatomical learning


What’s is prosection?

Prosection can be defined as the dissection of a cadaver (or part of a cadaver), performed by an experienced anatomist, to students, to help demonstrate anatomic structure.


How will prosection benefit my osteopathic studies?

Prosection gives students a new perspective and a greater understanding of the human body, enabling them to see the body and its structures as they truly are away from textbooks and anatomical software. Our Anatomy team works in partnership with Guys to ensure prosections are relevant to the curriculum and help support our students’ learning.


What should I expect from the visit to Guys?

Each visit lasts for 2 hours.  When you arrive at the laboratory you’ll find stations set up to allow groups of 5-8 students to observe at a time. Technicians prepare requested specimens in advance so they can demonstrate anatomical function and answer any questions you may have. Guys’ technicians are often trainee surgeons, with higher level dissecting skills, and prosections are always well prepared, guided and focussed.


How many prosections can I observe?

Students are usually timetabled to attend five prosections; three in Yr1, two in Year 2


Do I have to attend a prosection?

Attendance is not compulsory and we understand students who haven’t experienced anything like this before can find the thought rather daunting.  However, prosection is a valuable learning tool and we highly advise all students take part if they can. The ESO’s Anatomy lecturer prepares the class in the lead up to each visit and is happy to discuss individual concerns. If, during the visit itself, a student no longer wants to participate they are welcome to leave the laboratory, either for a break or to sit out the rest of the session.