Osteopath Louise Pratley has taken health and well-being online to reach the wider population

Osteopath Louise Pratley has taken health and well-being online to reach the wider population

Louise Pratley is a registered Osteopath based in the South West working at Osteo & Physio. She graduated with first class honours from the European School of Osteopathy and received top academic & practical awards. Louise was then awarded the Rising Star award from the Institute of Osteopathy.

What made you decide to be an Osteopath?

Initially, it was when I injured myself when I was long jumping at school at the age of 13 years and gave myself a functional scoliosis. I received treatment and remembered thinking ‘what is this magic’ as it completely resolved my injury. On further research into Osteopathy, I loved the whole body approach to observing, diagnosing and treating; osteopathy considers all aspects of an individual’s life from their past history, to their working environment to any psychological factors.

Why did you choose the ESO?

People always say you have a gut instinct when you go somewhere and for me I knew the ESO was right for me the moment I visited Boxley. Everyone I spoke to genuinely loved being there and learning in such a calming and positive environment. I also loved the variety of lectures and people at the ESO from all different countries and backgrounds; it didn’t matter if you were straight out of college or had been a firefighter previously, everyone was included!

What have you been up to since graduating?

Since graduating in 2017 I have become the online creator for the Osteo & Physio clinics with the aim of increasing the awareness of Osteopathy throughout the UK. This has been achieved through an Osteo & Physio Youtube Channel that I co-founded with Osteopath Oliver Wakefield. I also founded Osteo & Physio Events, a company I established with the aim to inspire individuals to look after their physical well-being in all aspects of their life including working environments. This is achieved through workplace seminars and Osteopathic treatment. I have also created Ebooks and online courses to spread the message of Osteopathy to a wider population. In addition to this, I co-founded Ultimate Mind and Body transformation with Annie Osborne who is also an Osteopath providing seminars and online webinars about the connection between the mind & body and how understanding this is essential for optimal health and well-being.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start Osteopathy?

I think the best piece of advice is you have to love working with people, you have to want to help people and have a want to understand and learn about the human body. If this is you then you are already off to a good start! I would always recommend observing an Osteopath in action or having treatment yourself so you can see how amazing it is.