Osteomap – 6 week course for chronic pain

Osteomap – 6 week course for chronic pain

Have you been experiencing persistent musculo-skeletal pain for over 6 months? The ESO Clinic is offering a 6-week programme combining osteopathic treatment with mindfulness-based exercises.

OsteoMAP aims to give patients a better understanding of their pain so they can return to a more flexible, fulfilling way to live life. The course will take place on a weekly basis (Tuesday afternoons).  Each 1-hour treatment will be provided by a qualified osteopath on a 1:1 basis, observed by up to 3 student practitioners.  Those looking to take part will firstly be invited to attend a meeting to consider whether this type of course might be helpful for them. Cost per session is £32.

Starts 5th November* – closing date for enquiries 29th October

Please click for more information or for individual enquiries email LouiseJames@eso.ac.uk


*Tuesday 5th November to 17th December (excludes 10th December)