Oliver, Year 4 Student Ambassador

Oliver, Year 4 Student Ambassador

My name is Oliver, I’m 23 years old and I am from England.

What made you choose to student at the European School of Osteopathy?

I chose to study at the ESO because, having visited the school on an open day, I loved the campus and the feel of the place. The course is also very broad and teaches a lot of techniques that are often not taught at undergraduate level.

Did you have any concerns before starting the course?

Before arriving at the at the ESO, I  was a little bit concerned about finding a place to live, and about how I was going to get to and from the teaching site, as it is out of town in Boxley. However, I used the accommodation list and found a house quite easily, sharing with other ESO students in the higher years. I also arranged to carpool with other students from my year within the first week and have never been stuck without a lift.

What’s life at the ESO like?

I feel like the best thing about studying at the ESO is the feeling that you are part of a big family. You get to know each other well during the first term, and you do everything together. Although it is a small school, the student association organises events at the campus every term which are good fun. Maidstone also has plenty of nice pubs where you play pool or darts with friends, and clubs if you prefer going out dancing.

Have you got any specific plans for after you graduate?

Once I graduate, I don’t know exactly where I want to go yet, but that is the exciting part. The fact that I can go pretty much anywhere with my qualification is great, as I love travelling and discovering new countries. If I had to sum up my time as the ESO to date, I would say it has been an interesting journey, with the occasional exam or coursework crisis, but always with friends supporting me along the way.