Nagma, Year 4 Student Ambassador

Nagma, Year 4 Student Ambassador

Hi there! My name is Nagma, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Italy.

Why did you choose to study at the ESO?

I first started to study Osteopathy in Italy and I came to the UK for a week seminar under the OsEAN international programme. The ESO works with partner schools across the world and I was aware that it had a strong reputation for its broad range of osteopathic approaches. I was curious to see how Osteopathy was taught in the UK where, unlike Italy, the profession is recognised.

The first time I arrived I was surprised for the lovely atmosphere: the beautiful grounds of Boxley surrounded by nature made me feel that it would have been the perfect place for me to study. I was warmly welcomed from the staff and the diverse ESO student body and I immediately felt part of it. And yes, in the end I decided to join the family!

Did you have any specific concerns before joining the ESO?

I had no concerns apart from the fact I was taking the decision to leave my job to come to study abroad but, looking back, I feel I made the right choice. I arrived in Maidstone by car 3 days before the start of the course and I managed to find accommodation straight away by visiting some rooms available from the list sent by the school, so that was very useful.

What do you enjoy most about studying at the ESO?

I really like the fact that learning at the ESO is very interactive. Students and teachers are always present to give us feedback and help us grow as student osteopaths. The lecturers and tutors in clinic are fantastic and very knowledgeable in their fields and the academic and support staff have always been helpful.

What is the student life like at the ESO?

The course is quite challenging at the beginning, especially in the first 2 years. A lot of theory lectures, exams and deadlines but all worth studying to prepare you for your clinic experience. There are always a lot of activities and events going on during the year which are organised by our Student Association, so I would say that time at the ESO is equally split between fun and hard work.

What are your aspirations once you’ve graduated?

With an ESO qualification I will have the possibility to go almost anywhere around the world, but I haven’t decided that yet. There are also many post-graduate qualifications, such as the canine and equine Osteopathy course, which I will be interested in.

If you could sum up your time at the ESO to date, what would you say?

So far it has been an incredible experience and I would not have chosen a different place.