Phil Wise

Lecturing Assistant (GOT)

Qualifications & Further Awards/Achievements

  • Osteopathy; Bsc (Hons) Ost. D.O.
  • Music; Grade 5 piano
  • Other; Diploma in Business & Office Technology.



  • Lecturing assistant with (Osteopathic Technique and GOT)
  • Lecturer in GOT
  • 1st & 2nd year end of year examiner


Professional Interest/Publications

My professional interests relate to osteopathy and its uses for the general population and as such are not limited to one particular area. Publications relevant to Osteopathy which offer up to date ideas include the GOsC and iO magazines, though there are a plethora of publications to name and they are mostly available in the school library.





Personal Interests

  • Off road cycling
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Country Walking