Lance Bird

Med Imaging Lecturer

Qualifications & Further Awards/Achievements

  • MSKUS (Advanced/Oxford Spires). (DCR(r), BSc Hons, Bio. (Uni Coll Lond), ILTHE, M.Phil, ([Orthopaedics], Uni Coll Lond). RNOH Stanmore.



  • Head of Department (Medical Imaging.)
  • MSKUS Sonologist.
  • Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging.


Professional Interest/Publications

  • Bird L, SY Ali, JP Cassella. (1992) A Modified Van Gieson Stain for Improved Histomorphometry. Brown R Bird L Blunn G.
  • (1993) Growth plate abnormalities in a new dwarf mouse model:tich. Bone and Mineral Orth.Clin. Bird L, SY Ali, JP Cassella.
  • (1996).Differential Ossification in the medial and lateral compartments of the STR/Ort mouse. (Abstract/Poster). Radiology: Imaging and  Science,Oncology pg62. Bird L, SY Ali, JP Cassella.
  • (1997) A Novel scoring protocol for the detection of early Osteoarthritic changes. (Abstract/Poster). Radiology: Imaging and Science, Oncology , p49. Bird L, SY Ali, JP Cassella.
  • (1999)Genu Varus Deformity: A case of differential ossification in the medial compartment? (Abstract/Poster) European League against Rheumatism (EULAR) Glasgow,In Supp. To An. Of Rheum. Dis pg. Bird L, SY Ali, JP Cassella.
  • (1999) Can a differential ossification lead to a genu varus deformity?Radiology: Imaging and Science,Oncology,(Annual meeting Birmingham) May. Bird L, SY Ali, JP Cassella.
  • (2000) Ultra Structure analysis of articular cartilage and subchondral bone in the STR/Ort mouse. Pathology: 2000. p45-4.
  • (April 2013): ‘The Introduction of a Musculo-Skeletal Ultra Sound (MSKUS) Diagnostic service within the Osteopathic Clinic at the European School of Osteopathy’. Abstract/Poster: (2013: Conference, British School of Osteopathy). Johnson, Katie; Bird L.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Effusion and Neo-vascularisation, in Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction; its impact on Patient Quality of Life as Assessed using Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. Spens, Katharine, Bird L. (COP Conference,Nov 2014).


Personal Interests

I started my professional career as a radiographer and then took a second degree in Biology for research opportunities. I was a Clinical researcher at RNOH Stanmore from which my research higher degree in Orthopaedics, was obtained. I have been a Senior Academic for 19 plus years and was Head of Biological Science at Canterbury Christ Church University (Faculty of professions allied to healthcare) and have also worked at University of Kent @ Canterbury. I was a founder course member for the first reporting course in the world for radiographers and allied professionals. This role extension has now gone world-wide within medical imaging. I have spent 19 years delivering Medical Imaging and a Reporting Course @ ESO and deliver an MSK US Clinic as a Consultant Imaging Specialist (Sonologist) at the Maidstone Clinic. My major academic interest is the extension of the concept of osteopathy to include a working practical and referral, reporting, knowledge base, from undergraduate to post graduates, using the imaging modalities; particularly ultra sound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).