Jean-Marie Beuckels

Course Leader (Visceral)

Qualifications & Further Awards/Achievements

  • D.O. (GB/B/D), BSc.(Hons.) Ost. Med. (GB) MSc. Ost. (GB)
  • P.T. (B), MSc Mot. Rehab (B), PGCHE (D)
  • Clin. Ass. Prof. Ost. Med. (US)



  • Lecturer



Born (1969), childhood, and primary school in Bruges (Belgium). After secondary school with A-levels in Latin and Greek language and philosophy, he graduated at the Ghent University from a master education in motoric rehabilitation. Between 1988 and 1998 he participated to different european osteopathic educational programs which he completed. with different osteopathic DO-titles.

Today he lives as an osteopathic practitioner in Belgium. At the same time he teaches osteopathy and osteosophy at many institutes, colleges, and universities around Europe, America and Russia. In 2001, he became head of Osteopathic Education Ecolea, University of Cooperative Education in Schwerin (Germany). .

Since 2003, Beuckels works as a senior docent for osteopathy and as head of the department for osteopathic medicine, osteosophy and osteopathic research at the institute for integrative medicine of the university Witten/Herdecke (Germany), where he currently finishes his PhD.

In 2009 he became a member of the flying faculty of the European School of Osteopathy (ESO / Maidstone – UK) mainly for Russia. Subsequently, two years later, he started to teach visceral osteopathy as member of faculty staff at ESO (Maidstone) (Greenwich University – UK). In that same year, he also accepted the position of Clin. Ass. Professor at PCOM (Philiadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – US) where he became responsible for clinical osteopathic education.

His scientific interests are situated within the panorama of osteopathic diagnostic models and their related osteosophical medical theories, underpinning the conceptualisations of causality and interactions in osteopathic ontogenesis.