Lene, Year 2 Student Ambassador

Lene, Year 2 Student Ambassador

My name is Lene. I’m 20 years old and I’m German.

Why did you choose to study at the ESO?

I chose the ESO because of its excellent international reputation and its outstanding programme, which includes a specialist clinic where students treat children and babies. As far as I know, no other school offers this as an undergraduate experience. Also, its location was a big advantage point as our campus is in an “area of outstanding natural beauty”, so perfect to recharge those energy-levels after a long day of studying, but at the same time only a 50min train ride from London if one ever craves the million people city feeling.

Did you have any specific concerns before joining the ESO?

Uh I am sure I did, even if I do not really remember them, as they all vanished in thin air after being here for a few months.

But for any concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice or help. No concern is too little, too big or too silly! I remember that I spoke to an ambassador myself before coming here and it reassured me a lot in my decision.

What do you enjoy most about studying at the ESO?

I very much appreciate the diversity of our school, which is not only represented in the student body but also in the different osteopathic views and approaches from our lecturers. As Osteopathy is a very individual profession, everyone defines it slightly different, has different opinions and views on techniques and applies them in different ways. Here at the ESO there is space for every interpretation of the profession (that is in the professionally acceptable range of course), so we have lecturers that practice very evidence based as well as ones that practice a more traditional approach. We are encouraged to find our own way of practicing and build our own opinions. So, no matter which aspect of Osteopathy fascinates you, you will be cared for, but also encouraged to expand your horizon and see a different point of view.

What is the student life like at the ESO?

Honestly, I cannot say too much about it as I believe student life suffered a lot of Covid restrictions this last year. But from what I have heard it is supposed to be amazing haha, loads of parties and events.

And even last year, we socialized at private events and now that the pubs are back open we meet there. Everyone is very open and happy to meet new people. I know no-one here that had trouble finding friends. And from what I can tell so far, one can have a good night out in Maidstone, and I am saying that without even being able to experience a full nightlife programme.

What are your aspirations once you’ve graduated?

Short-term after graduation I would like to stay and work in the UK for a while, to deepen my knowledge and collect experiences.

Long-term I believe it will be my mission to help establish a solid and official standing point for the Osteopathic profession in the health-care system of my home country where Osteopathy sadly is still not regulated and recognized.

And I think I would very much enjoy working with children.

If you could sum up your time at the ESO to date, what would you say?

I cannot believe that freshman year is over. Where did that time go????

I learned so much and developed not only academically but also personally. I have met so many amazing people in the last year it’s unbelievable. I felt welcome at the ESO from the start, and now I believe that I have truly found my place.


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