Leading the way in osteopathic thinking


Attractive woman with a migraine touches her temples. Horizontal shot. Isolated on white.


It was heartening to see members of ESO faculty play such key roles at this year’s Institute of Osteopathy Convention.

  • Helena Bridge, ESO Headache Clinic Lead, spoke as one of the co-founders of a new osteopathic special interest group – Osteopaths for Progress in Headaches & Migraines (www.ophm.org) – and was part of a panel of experts on Saturday’s full-day symposium on Headaches & Migraine.
  • Mia Lederman, alumnus of the ESO and standby clinic tutor, led a workshop ‘Beyond the Consulting Room: Osteopathic approach to Organisational Wellbeing’, where delegates discussed the professional and business case for osteopaths in the arena of workplace wellbeing.


Our undergraduate students are fortunate to have direct access to professionals with such specialist knowledge.



More about the ESO’s new specialist Headache Clinic …

Our new specialist clinic is led by ESO tutor Helena Bridge, with support and advice available from NHS specialist Dr Andrew Dowson.  The clinic is especially suitable for those suffering from chronic headaches, i.e. more than 15 headaches per month, or 4+ per month and increasing in the case of migraines.  ESO Clinic patients suffering intermittent headache may also be referred if current treatment is not, so far, helping.  Support is also available from our clinic-based therapeutic counsellor, Jacqui White, should associated issues need addressing.

Alongside Helena, student practitioners are able to:-

  • perform rigorous safety screening;
  • diagnose the most common headache types;
  • refer appropriately for medical support and
  • be aware of any other supporting treatments (e.g. counselling for stress management, nutritional supplements for migraine prevention etc.)


The ESO has introduced this new service as part of the World Health Organisation’s worldwide call to help headache sufferers, called “Lifting the Burden” – www.l-t-b.org. You can find more information about the prevalence and effect of headache on the world’s population here.

For more information about the ESO Headache Clinic please visit our website.  If you would like to read Helena Bridge’s article in Osteopathy Today ‘Unlocking Headaches’, please email clinic@eso.ac.uk.