Imaan, Year 2 Student Ambassador

Imaan, Year 2 Student Ambassador

Why did you choose to study at the ESO?

Osteopathy has always been a big part of my life and from a young age I became set on pursuing a career in Osteopathy. I chose the ESO because of all the universities I looked at, it was the one that caught my eye the most. Not only was it recommended to me multiple times by many different osteopaths, I was drawn to its small, supportive community. As a small university, you receive a great amount of support and are able to get to know your fellow students and lecturers on a close name basis. Every person is important and matters and you become a part of a family when studying at the ESO. Every student has their own unique story and studying at the ESO has given me an opportunity to meet so many people from different backgrounds and countries. The lecturers at the ESO are amazingly passionate and dedicated to osteopathy which makes each lecture as enticing and fascinating as the next. Another reason I chose to study at the ESO is its rural location. The ESO is located in the Kent countryside and a refreshing change of pace from living in the city! Its safe to say no other university of osteopathy is like the ESO.

Did you have any specific concern before joining the ESO?

Starting university is a daunting experience for anyone and each person has their own concerns. One of my own was moving out to a completely new area, with completely new people, studying something completely new. I was concerned I would be left in the dark and would not be able to manage it all on my own but I have never been more wrong. Everyone at the ESO was experiencing the same thing, if not more for those who had moved to a different country to attend the ESO. The university and the new friends I made were with me every step of the way. The ESO has many support programmes like personal tutors and welfare officers in place to help and accommodate for anyone in need and knowing that the ESO is able to support students so much really put me at ease.

What do you enjoy most about studying at the ESO?

There are so many reasons as to why I love studying at the ESO. The stimulating lectures, the entertaining lecturers. However, the thing I like most about studying at the ESO is the sense of community. Its not something you can find in very many places and the collective motivation and support is what makes studying at the ESO so enjoyable.

What’s the student life like at the ESO?

Student life at the ESO is hectic but fun. I’ve had so much fun exploring Maidstone with my friends and even going to the climbing club offered by the university. One thing is do love about the student life is that everyone lives so close to each other and it is so easy to meet up with friends to socialise, study or practice!

What are your aspirations once you’ve graduated?

The ESO provides you with options for what you can do once you graduate so you know you will always have options! I plan to work with the osteopath that treated me when I was younger and is actually the reason I decided to study osteopathy. I don’t know where that will lead but that’s the exciting part!

If you could sum up your time at the ESO to date, what would you say?

I would say that choosing the ESO was probably the best decision I could have made. I love studying at the ESO and I love the people I’ve met along the way too. Moving away to the ESO is challenging but exhilarating and I love all the experiences and memories I have made to date.