Have you ever wondered what drew an osteopath to their profession? 

Have you ever wondered what drew an osteopath to their profession? 

We asked Daniel Collis, a recent ESO graduate now a successful osteopath working in central London and Cambridge as well as representing recent graduates as a member of the Institute of Osteopathy’s Policy and Standards Committee.

What made you want to become an Osteopath?

I loved the idea of doing a physical job where I could potentially help an enormous variety of people just by using my hands and knowledge, which in turn makes the career hugely rewarding and fun. Additionally, the job and hours are often extremely flexible and there’s potential to do very well financially too.

Why did you choose to study at the ESO?

Firstly, someone told me they would rather hire a graduate who’d studied at one of 2 schools, the ESO being one of them. Secondly, living in and studying in Maidstone, Kent is a LOT cheaper and more practical than studying in London. Lastly and most importantly however, the staff, students and general community at the ESO all seemed absolutely great and there seemed to be a really nice community atmosphere, which was certainly true and made the course much more enjoyable.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying to study at the ESO?

DO IT, if you enjoy helping people, talking to people and want a rewarding job then Osteopathy is for you and the ESO is naturally the place to go. Also, don’t let lack of experience, lack of qualifications or fear stop you from pursuing studying Osteopathy. The ESO is great at accommodating a wide range of people who have a passion for healthcare or helping people and potential to be great osteopaths but may not have the typical university educational requirements.

So for me, the best way to find out if osteopathy is for you is to email or call local osteopaths in your area and ask to observe them to really get a feel for whether this is something you would enjoy.

What does your average week look like now?

I work as an associate across two different clinics. One is a sports specialist clinic in central London (Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic). It’s great as we treat some top level athletes from all sporting disciplines as well as various actors and people in the performing arts and, naturally, working in Shoreditch one has to take advantage of the fantastic local restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars!

The second clinic is in rural Cambridgeshire where there is more of a community feel and we tend to treat generations of families, helping to keep them fit and healthy.

Outside of Osteopathy I’m also in the Army reserves and training for a triathlon, which is great to keep a healthy balance of not too much osteopathy related things.


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