Focus on: Shoulder Pain

Focus on: Shoulder Pain

In our Summer issue of Active News we focused on shoulder pain, with ESO Clinic Tutor and practising osteopath Mr Kenan Fadil providing an overview of this common complaint.

Do you suffer from shoulder pain?

If so, you’re not alone, it is the second most common cause of muscular skeletal consultations in primary care and its origin can be classified into specific sub groups:

  • Muscular pain arising from the shoulder complex (intrinsic)
  • Pain due to nerve or vascular changes (neurological vascular compromise)
  • Pain arising from musculoskeletal and organs which have the potential to generate symptoms away from site of origin (referral pain)
  • Pain arising from an underlying medical condition (systemic)

At the ESO Clinic, we endeavour to determine if a patient’s symptoms are related to the above categories and if they are suitable for osteopathic management based on the data we have gathered and the initial examination performed. It has been reported in medical articles that by far the most common shoulder problem is shoulder impingement. This complaint presents in 44-65% of people above 50 years who have shoulder pain and is a male dominant disorder. This disorder is usually due to three distinct causes:

  • Overuse injury, particularly overhead repeated activities
  • Under load injuries, whereby the patient is static and has limited daily activity, e.g. using a keyboard for long periods
  • Age related degenerative process in the tendon complex of the shoulder joint

These days, patients are more likely to undergo clinical investigations that lead to surgical management of these disorders. However, research shows there is limited long term benefit and the same results can often be achieved with manual therapy. If you’d like advice on managing shoulder pain, please speak to your osteopathic practitioner.

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