29th June 2019


30th June 2019


European School of Osteopathy, Boxley House, Boxley, Maidstone, Kent ME14 3DZ   View map


Osteopathic approach to supporting fertility

Presented by Claudia Knox DO & Dr Erich Mayer-Fally DO

Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th June- £300 (includes lunch and refreshments)

Alumni discount – use code ESO25 or contact us to book by telephone

Osteopathic approach to supporting fertility

One in 5 couples suffer with unwanted childlessness; 80% of those have no medical reason for this. Osteopathically, we often have much to offer this patient group. Often it is possible from the case history to ascertain which structures are disturbed in their function.

In this course we will discuss the clinical presentation of a variety of causes for sub-fertility. We will review relevant anatomy, consider how we can positively influence mobility, circulation and nerve supply to all relevant organs. We will develop treatment plans for a variety of presentations and practise some choice techniques for each area of the body being discussed. Some experience in visceral osteopathy is beneficial for this course.

This course covers the GOsC Osteopathic Practice Standards (OPS) including:-

Communication and patient partnership

A1 – 7

Knowledge, skills & performance

B1 – 4

Safety and quality in practice

C1 and C6


D2 and D10

Claudia Knox DO, MSc Paediatric Osteopathy, BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, PGC ACE, PGD WHO, Osteopath & Midwife

Claudia Knox is an osteopath with a passion for women’s and children’s health. She is the lead for Paediatrics and Obstetrics at the ESO and has enhanced her practice by studying under Barral, the Sutherland Cranial College and at the Molinari Institute of Health. She trained as a midwife before she became an osteopath and the field of fertility and pregnancy is still one of her favourite topics. Claudia loves to illustrate anatomical and physiological connections with clinical questions in mind. Her approach is pragmatic and interlinks osteopathic theoretical concepts with applied practical work of all body tissues.


Dr Erich Mayer-Fally DO, MSc Osteopathy, Osteopath & Medical Doctor

Erich Mayer-Fally is a medical doctor and an osteopath. He lives and practises in Vienna and is a senior member of faculty at the Vienna School of Osteopathy (WSO), at the Danube University in Krems and at various colleges in Austria. He also lectures extensively in Poland and other parts of Europe. Erich’s journey towards holistic patient care began with therapeutic massage during his medical degree. He qualified in Traditional Chinese medicine and, in 2001, was one of the first in Austria to graduate as an Osteopath.  He has been involved with osteopathic education in many fields and teaches a number of topics (various parietal and visceral regions, children’s osteopathy etc).  Focusing on his base knowledge, particularly in physiology and embryology, he emphasises the inter-connectedness of the body, with clinical reasoning, which enables him to illustrate the link between theory and practice.

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