Diploma in Osteopathy (International)

Our largest overseas programme

About the Diploma

The Diploma in Osteopathy (International) is a 4-year part-time programme validated by the ESO and delivered through our partner institutions; the Diploma is currently available through the following partners schools:-

Who can apply?

The Diploma is designed specifically for qualified overseas health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists etc) who are looking to develop and expand their current practice.

How is the Diploma taught?

The 4-year programme is delivered over the course of ten 3-day seminars, which take place in the relevant overseas country, plus a summer school at the ESO’s Boxley House campus.  Lectures are delivered by our highly experienced teaching faculty, most of whom also teach on the M.Ost degree programme and within the ESO’s established teaching clinic.  Translators are provided as required.

Why study Osteopathy?

Osteopathy encourages practitioners to take a global approach to their patient and introduces them to a totally fresh way of thinking.  It provides a wide range of approaches and techniques enabling practitioners to treat complex cases, with patients of all ages including babies, pregnant women and the elderly. Our final year Diploma students tell us this programme has revolutionised their practice and made their professional lives so much more challenging and rewarding.

Why choose the ESO?

The ESO has a strong reputation for the breadth of its curriculum and for the quality of its osteopathic teaching.  Throughout its history the School has been instrumental in developing the profession, introducing new approaches and techniques and sharing these with colleagues across Europe.  With a wide range of osteopathic approaches in their toolkit to care for patients, students of the ESO are set on the path to a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

Students who successfully complete the programme are invited to attend the School’s graduation ceremony alongside our UK full-time M.Ost students.  The graduation ceremony is an exciting and colourful event, with graduates wearing traditional university gowns, hoods and mortar boards; at the 2017 and 2018 ceremonies, awards were presented by the ESO’s Royal Patron HRH Princess Eugenie.

How to apply

The Diploma in Osteopathy (International) is currently available through our partner schools in Denmark (Fredericia/Hvidovre) and Russia (St Petersburg and Moscow) – please visit their website for details on how to apply.