Animal Osteopathy at the ESO

At the ESO we believe that, in order to become a reputable profession, Animal Osteopathy must stand and be accountable for its standards of education*.  Our Aim: To ensure that those who work on animals, osteopathically, have the skill set and awareness to do so safely and competently. To know when to treat and when to refer and to work side-by-side with paraprofessionals for the welfare of the animal. Our animal programmes are led by Dustie Houchin, an Animal Osteopath of over 15 years and The Association of Animal Osteopaths.


Animal Osteopathy Taster Day – Sunday 19th March (Canine)

If you like the idea of treating animals with osteopathic technique or expanding your current skill set, but don’t know whether to invest in a course of study, our Animal Osteopathy Taster Day is just what you need. Created to teach you more about animal osteopathy and a career in the field, this fun-filled day offers a super opportunity to see the professionals in action and talk to them about their work. Our March 2017 event will focus on the treatment of dogs – hands-on practical sessions will allow you to engage with the animals yourself, experiencing the power of touch with our four legged friends. Our Animal Osteopathy Programme Leader, Dustie Houchin, will be available throughout the day to answer any questions you may have. All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance for the day. Please click here for more information.  To register please complete our contact form or call 01622 760816.

An Equine Taster Day will be scheduled if there is sufficient delegate demand – please complete our contact form to express an interest.



ESO Internally Validated Courses


Foundation course in Animal Osteopathy – Starts April 2017

Join us this April and study on one of the best animal foundation programmes in the UK.  Whether you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding adjunct to existing skills or taking the first step towards further study, these foundation courses will give you an outstanding basis for your career with animals.*

Delivered over the course of 4 weekends, you’ll learn from our team of passionate and experienced lecturers, who together have well over 40 years experience in animal practice. These courses will provide hours of hands-on practical on live models, with theoretical elements conveyed through directed study wherever possible, maximising the time spent interacting with our horses and dogs.  Our lecturing team: Dustie Houchin (Programme Leader in Animal Osteopathy), Eleanor Andrews (MSc Senior Lecturer), Sarah Wisson (International Lecturer – from New Zealand) and Olivia Turner (MSc lecturer – Animal Behaviourist).  Please click for more information about course dates and indicative content.


Course fees are £750 per course (canine/equine) or £1499 for both – flexible payment option also available.  Limited Early Bird places available for those who pay in full at the time of booking – Early Bird applications MUST be received by the ESO team BEFORE 28 February 2017. Please see below for details of who can apply and the application process.


Those who successfully complete the Foundation Course will received the following ESO-validated awards:-

    • Osteopaths: Certificate in Foundation Level Animal Osteopathy
    • Non-osteopaths: Certificate in Foundation Level Animal Manipulative Therapy

*Please note if you are not an osteopath you may not use the term ‘osteopath’ or any such variation when advertising your services in the UK.  This does not, however, prevent you from using the techniques we teach and describing your skill set using terms such as manual therapy or body work.


Who can Apply?

Our Foundation courses are open to osteopaths, student osteopaths and appropriate paraprofessionals* (such as physiotherapists and chiropractors).  Those who can demonstrate relevant clinical or animal-related knowledge to safely and competently undertake the course are also welcome to apply – to discuss the suitability of your existing qualifications/experience please email Programme Leader, Dustie Houchin, on  For general enquiries, answers to frequently asked questions or for an application form please complete our contact form or call 01622 760816.

*Please note if you are not an osteopath you may not use the term ‘osteopath’ or any such variation when advertising your services in the UK.  This does not, however, prevent you from using the techniques we teach and describing your skill set using terms such as manual therapy or body work.


How to Apply

To register for the Animal Osteopathy Taster Days, or for a Foundation course application form, please complete our contact form or call 01622 760816.


Advanced Integrated Animal Courses – Start September 2017

For those who have previously completed an Animal Osteopathy Foundation Course – to register an interest please complete our contact form or call 01622 760816.



New courses 

We are in the process of developing a new, exciting calendar of animal related courses for osteopaths and paraprofessionals. Options being considered:-


  • Short Animal Osteopathy CPD workshops covering a range of topics
  • Animal behaviour
  • Equi-taping
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Rehabilitation


If you’d like us to keep you updated on our progress please complete our contact form and your details will be added to our mailing list.


*In March 2015 the University of Greenwich awarded the ESO validation for three new postgraduate animal osteopathic programmes. The MSc Animal Osteopathy (Canine and Equine) and their associated PG Certificate and PG Diploma. We were the first Osteopathic Educational Institute in the UK to offer such a programme and commendations were made to both Miss Houchin and the ESO for having created such an excellent programme of education for this embryonic profession. At this time the validated programmes are closed to new applications and the animal osteopathy team is developing a range of internally validated animal programmes.