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The ESO is pleased to offer a therapeutic counselling clinic with a qualified independent counsellor, Jacqui White, who has ten years’ experience of helping adults and young people cope with mental health conditions and various life changing events affecting both them and their families.



“Each person is unique and may benefit from a different style of counselling in order to fully understand and work through their issues and I offer an integrative approach to suit each client’s needs.  I can help you find ways to understand why you feel and behave the way you do, accept and make peace with things you cannot change and make positive choices to change things you can. We can explore the choices you have in your life.” Jacqui White


The Therapeutic Counselling Clinic will run from the ESO Clinic’s new Integrative Health Suite at 104 Tonbridge Road.  You can find out more www.jwhitecounselling.co.uk.  Bookings are made directly with Jacqui on 07950 843850.