Dustie has been an animal osteopath for over 15 years, working mostly with horses and dogs. Her training began with Anthony Pusey, followed by Stuart McGregor in 2002, after which time she worked in two veterinary practices to gain hands-on experience with both horses and dogs. Today, Dustie treats horses from both the English and Western fraternities and has a special interest in animal behaviour and pathological presentations. Clinically, Dustie treats both human and animal patients and has two human clinics in Bucks and Kent.

Dustie is the Chair of The Association of Animal Osteopaths, a voluntary professional association for animal osteopaths in the UK, providing ongoing political and educational support and guidance.

Eleanor graduated from the ESO and trained under Stuart McGregor.  Today she works on the M.Ost at the ESO where she has undertaken her PGCHE teaching qualification and is a lecturer of animal osteopathy.

Clinically, Eleanor treats human and animal patients both in Kent and Hampshire, using a variety of treatment techniques to improve movement and general well being.  She is especially interested in applied anatomy, biomechanics and rehabilitation and enjoys furthering her knowledge base both on her own and by attending and taking part in lectures, clinics, dissections and courses on latest techniques which she then puts into practice.

Eleanor works along side Vets, Farriers, Saddlers, Hydrotherapists and other paraprofessionals in the treatment and rehabilitation of horses from a variety of disciplines from grass roots up to top competition level and a range of canine patients which include obedience and agility dogs.

Eleanor is a committee member of The Association of Animal Osteopaths, a voluntary professional association for animal osteopaths in the UK, who’s aim is to help support animal osteopaths in their careers and provide ongoing political and educational support and guidance.

Prior to Osteopathy, Eleanor worked in the equine industry, training with the Pony Club and BHS and developing training programmes and instructing all ages and disciplines (both practical and theory), this also included becoming a registered RDA instructor. Whilst Dressage is her first love she has participated in many disciplines including XC, SJ, and Polo and has course built, written for and judged dressage.

Stephanie Pittam is an ESO trained osteopath and treats horses alongside her human practice in Cambridgeshire. Her equine patients include all types, from happy hackers to advanced dressage and eventing horses. She has attended countless equine talks and clinics and enjoys giving talks on osteopathy to horsey groups and riding clubs.

Prior to osteopathy, Steph worked in the equine industry initially training with the BHS and then working with competition horses from backing up to Olympic level.

Steph considers animal osteopaths to be invaluable in detecting sub-clinical lameness arising from biomechanical imbalance and strain patterns. She has a particular interest in the intricate physical and emotional relationship between horse and rider and the treatment of complex conditions and trauma in animals.

During an extended trip to Asia in 2013, Steph took the opportunity to hold advisory and treatment clinics for horses and donkeys in Cambodia, Indonesia and Nepal. This was a humbling experience and showed how osteopathy can help in the most challenging of environments.

Olivia Turner is an Animal Behaviourist and Welfare Consultant who obtained her B.Sc Honours in Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge in 2013. She specialises in equine behaviour and training and presented her research on this at the International Society for Equitation Science’s conference in Delaware, USA in 2013, to further equine science and improve equine welfare. She was a guest speaker at Anglia Ruskin’s first ever Animal Welfare conference in 2014 and is currently working towards gaining an associate diploma in Equitation Science at The Australian Equine Behaviour Centre.

Her academic interests lie in the progression of equitation science and furthering the welfare of animals in current training and management practises. Aside from this Olivia runs her own art business in fine art and animal portraiture where she undertakes commissions and auctions pieces for charity.

Bryony holds a first class degree in Osteopathy, immediately followed by the Post Graduate Certificate at the Osteopathic Center for Animals and has been in Equine Osteopathy practice since. Her equine work has accelerated rapidly since qualifying and with over 350 equine clients on her books this has allowed her to be full time in equine practice. She has applies additional knowledge and skills from taking CPD in Equine Nutrition, Bitting, Saddle Fitting, applied groundwork and Kinesiotaping.

Bryony strongly believes in integrated practice as such works alongside a remedial saddler, laser therapist and remedial farrier on many cases. She is also a key point of referral for a a large established equine vet practice for their sub clinical lameness and poor performance cases, as well as providing lectures and demos to client events.

Bryony’s background in sports therapy has influenced her Equine practice and she takes a primary structural approach to assessment and treatment, as well as integrating appropriate strengthening programmes. Her personal equestrian background lies primarily in the Eventing and Racing industries, working on professional yards as well as breeding and producing her own, competing successfully at British Eventing.