Keeping our ESO community safe

Help stop the spread and protect our community

Staff, students, and visitors help to make up our ESO Community and we take everyone’s safety very seriously.  We’re continually reviewing measures in line with the latest UK Government guidance and other external agencies.

We’ve taken a number of measures to ensure that our campus is Covid-19 Secure.  All these changes mean that we can continue our activity in an adapted way that ensures the safety and wellbeing of our ESO community.  We undertake regular reviews and we can respond to any changes quickly and efficiently.

We have specific Covid-19 secure measures in place for our ESO Clinic and further information is available on the dedicated clinic website.

Covid-19 Secure Measures

What we have done

Depending on where you are on campus there are some specific Covid-19 secure measures depending on whether you are indoors, outdoors, in a social space, in a study space or in a practical lecture.

Just 10 of the ways we are staying safe:

  • Social distancing
  • Hand sanitising Stations
  • One Way System
  • Fewer people on campus
  • PPE provided for practical classes and clinic
  • Donning and Doffing Stations for PPE
  • Covid Guard Fogging System
  • Contactless Payments
  • Blended learning approach with online and practical sessions
  • Additional cleaning measures

Covid Secure Classroom Procedure


What you can do

  • If you are ill or have one of the main symptoms of Covid (new continuous cough, high temperature or difficulty breathing) do not come to site. Please get tested if necessary.
  • Contact if you have any concerns about Covid-19, are currently experiencing symptoms, have tested positive or have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test & Trace services.
  • Use the one-way system
  • Wear your own mask in communal areas
  • Wear the PPE provided for practical classes as this is compliant with PHE requirements
  • Comply with the updated cleaning measures and clean down your area in the classroom
  • Have good hand hygiene practices
  • Stick to your group and buddy allocation during class
  • Adhere to Social Distancing Measures
  • Use contactless payments
  • Inform academic registry of any travel dates, you may need to self-isolate upon return.

Looking out for each other

Please follow the Covid-19 secure measures on-site.  The signage on campus helps to remind you of our guidelines.  It can be sometimes easy to forget all the guidelines, particularly as they change.  If someone reminds you of the current guidance, please don’t get offended, we all have a role in keep our ESO community safe.

Our community wellbeing is also important, and we have an Employee and Student Wellbeing Assistance Programme that you can have access to 24/7 either online, via an App or on the telephone.  Log in details can be found on the VLE.

In addition, students can seek additional support from the Student Welfare Officer or their Personal Tutors who can help to signpost you to additional support and services.