Our Mission and Values

The ESO is dedicated to the provision of both undergraduate and postgraduate osteopathic training, emphasising all essential elements of good practice, sound management and quality care.

Charitable Status

The European School of Osteopathy is a registered charity, established to promote for the public benefit the prevention and relief of sickness by advancing the theory and practice of osteopathy (and other natural therapeutic methods ancillary to osteopathy) and the treatment, training, education and research (with a view to disseminating the useful results of such research) in those subject.

Our Mission Statement – Tradition with Vision

We are dedicated to the provision of the highest quality in:

  • Osteopathic undergraduate and postgraduate education
  • Clinical care in the community
  • Osteopathic research

We are committed to:

  • Concern for the individual
  • Respect for the origins and philosophy of osteopathy
  • The need to embrace the wider community of Europe and the world